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 Window Tinting

 Squeegee offers window tinting in a variety of shades that meet customer’s specifications. This includes film percentages ranging from 50% to 5% visibility as well as custom tint jobs upon request. Maximum level of tint permitted varies from state to state and here at Squeegee’s we are able to assist in choosing the right shade that your state allows.

Windshield Replacement

Driving around with a cracked windshield expose drivers and passengers to potential hazards. Because the windshield is an important part of your vehicles safety features, a single imperfection in this safety feature present a major safety hazard.  Here at Squeegee we offer windshield replacement for all vehicle make and models and install your windshield with proper gaskets and tools. We consider customers safety when selecting a matching replacement, so you can always be sure that you are getting exactly what your vehicle needs along with professional installation.

 It is all too common when driving down the road, a little rocks gets thrown at your vehicle and results in a cracked or a chipped windshield. That little crack or chip will eventually start to spread out and result in your windshield becoming unsafe. At Squeegees we repair windshield cracks to prevent your windshield from cracking even further and resulting in your windshield becoming unsafe. At Squeegees we repair windshield cracks to prevent your windshield from cracking even further.

Windshield Chip Repair

Window Graphics / Vinyl Vehicle Wrapping


Squeegee’s custom window graphics can be applied to any glass surface, vehicle body, and pretty much on any cargo trailer. Whether you want a custom logo to display on your vehicle or to advertise or promote a business Squeegee's vinyl wrapping can be applied to give your vehicle or business the edge that it needs. Our graphics will be tailored to our customer’s specifications and Installs in minutes to give your vehicle that personal touch

Paint Protection Film



To keep your vehicle looking newer longer Squeegee provides paint protection film which reduces the likelihood that the paint on the front end of your vehicle will be chipped by the impact of rocks or road debris. Think of the paint protection film as an invisible bra for your vehicle that helps shield the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle that are most susceptible to damage. This includes, front bumper, hood partial hood, side view mirrors, full fender, and door edges.


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